Hello, I’m Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional.

I have been building with LEGO bricks for most of my life, and as a professional LEGO builder since 2008. As the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional, I have been lucky enough to work with fantastic companies and people who all who one thing in common; they want to build something incredible out of LEGO bricks.

From Land Rover to Harrods, Star Wars to Batman, and from intricate to record-breaking, I have been building LEGO creations that bring in visitors, generate news articles and deliver memorable experiences for everyone involved.

If you have an idea, I can help you bring it to life in LEGO bricks. I have created LEGO builds on a giant scale, run interactive live builds with the public, and let visitors build giant LEGO mosaics. Take a look at some of the projects I’ve completed, and contact me if you want to discuss a build of your own.

Happy Building!